Wednesday, September 17

New Norcia New Beginnings

I'm back! Laying in bed recovering from the massive photo trip that I went on yesterday. So this post will be small on words and big on photos.

Dress: Vintage from eBay
Heels: Zu

This dress is bound to be a summer favourite. It is an original from around 40 years ago, purchased from Suzie (Divinity in Design) who is great to deal with. It features the loveliest geometric skirt and a tie up top.

So where did I go yesterday? New Norcia - Australia's last remaining monastic town, about 1.5 hours drive north of Perth.

On the way back my friend and I spied a little dilapidated building which begged to be photographed. So over the barbed wire fence we went.

The floors were creaky and hole-ridden which added to the fun.

The house was full of old woven bags containing flour. But most of it had solidified. The writing on the walls indicated that it was regularly frequented in 1965.

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that this dress is COMPLETELY BACKLESS. Heads turn. Especially when worn with these heels (which are, by the way, totally and utterly comfortable).

Photos 1, 2, 5, and 7 taken by my friend Peter. 3, 4, 6, and 8 by moi! All in all, a very productive day.

(Currently listening to: The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb)

Wednesday, September 3

Lacing Up

This came in the mail yesterday:

Thank you Imelda Matt! I had a browse through the Zu website and this took my fancy.

At the store the salesgirl could not believe that a voucher for 60% off actually existed. She asked me where I got it from and I replied 'from the despotic queen of shoes, of course'. She looked at me with a blank stare on her face and then proceeded to try to get me out of the store as quickly as possible.

I love the laces! So many possibilities. I spent the last hours playing around with awesome footwear lace concoctions. Absolutely delightful.

On a sadder note, all this constant shoe lust has meant that I am too behind on my mid-semester assessments. Assessments require time and concentration, so unfortunately I will have to give up blogging for the next fortnight. But I promise to be back with lots of frickin' awesome outfits when mid-semester break begins! Until then...toodles!(Currently listening to: Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator)