Wednesday, September 17

New Norcia New Beginnings

I'm back! Laying in bed recovering from the massive photo trip that I went on yesterday. So this post will be small on words and big on photos.

Dress: Vintage from eBay
Heels: Zu

This dress is bound to be a summer favourite. It is an original from around 40 years ago, purchased from Suzie (Divinity in Design) who is great to deal with. It features the loveliest geometric skirt and a tie up top.

So where did I go yesterday? New Norcia - Australia's last remaining monastic town, about 1.5 hours drive north of Perth.

On the way back my friend and I spied a little dilapidated building which begged to be photographed. So over the barbed wire fence we went.

The floors were creaky and hole-ridden which added to the fun.

The house was full of old woven bags containing flour. But most of it had solidified. The writing on the walls indicated that it was regularly frequented in 1965.

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that this dress is COMPLETELY BACKLESS. Heads turn. Especially when worn with these heels (which are, by the way, totally and utterly comfortable).

Photos 1, 2, 5, and 7 taken by my friend Peter. 3, 4, 6, and 8 by moi! All in all, a very productive day.

(Currently listening to: The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb)


Blogette said...

Such a gorgeous dress. And lovely weather for it!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are awesome. And I'm currently drooling over your dress at the moment, such a great buy!

d said...

Everything is great and gorgeous right from you, your dress to the photographs.

Dexter james said...

Everything is great and gorgeous right from you, your dress to the photographs.

Skye said...

Headturning indeed! Great photos.

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, that place looks cool. I love your dress (and the familiar shoes!) oh and the soundtrack too.

WJ said...

Blogette - I think I picked the one good day of the week! Now it's windy and raining up a storm outside.

Miss Karen - For $25 I think so too! I'm so glad it wasn't one of those vintage dresses that manage to go above $100...

Dexter James - thank you! that's a compliment as good as they come.

Skye - it's may have been a mistake wearing that outfit actually, we went on a tour of the town and all the pensioners we were with kept looking at me guy gave disapproving stares at my tattoo.

Esme and the Lane Way - New Norcia is probably one of the most relaxing places I've ever visited! And I had a retro moment with the music, of course.

Annie said...

Awesome dress, love it!

kirstie said...

wow! i'm going to perth next week and that place sounds adorable so i think i'll make the trip up :O

that dress is lovely by the way, as per normal.

Taghrid said...

perfect perfect outfit!

do you watch weeds the tv show?

your dress/shoes are sooooooo something nancy botwin would wear. hott


chin said...

finally you're back! ive waited so long for a new post! nway u look great in that outfit, the dress was really daring, very sophisticated huh!

Jaryllyn said...

I don't care if you delete this comment due to.. Whatever.
- This outfit is to die for!

Lady Melbourne said...

You have a lovely sensitive eye for detail, wonderful photos.
I can't believe you got around in those heels all day- rock and roll!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

that dress fits you like a dream
it looks like it was tailored to you, such a find

Ben said...

No wonder the people on the bus looked at you like that. *shakes head*

Cammila said...

You look beautiful -- way to work that sexy backless number! And this looks so fun and exciting, I love to explore long abandoned buildings. Maybe it was haunted! :D

Anonymous said...

Those shoes really, really suit you! They look great, really sexy and strong :)

And beautiful location photos too.

Y said...

My favourite post so far!

StrikeMatch said...

The dress is amazing (definitely checking out the store) and I love those shoes. Lucky you!

Taghrid said...

where are you!! i miss you, please post!

manny said...

i love the whole vibe of the post, the outfit, the landscape, everything!

nv said...

what a beautiful photoshoot!

Ben said...

People are starting to miss you, WJ. Get to it.

goldieoldiecharms said...

beautiful pictures and great dress!!

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Midori said...

i'm terribly, terribly sad that you've stopped updating! just discovered your blog and it's awesome :)

A.C. said...

great outfits and great great photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, so very talented!

LACY said...

gorgeous photos and that skirt is pure loveliness :)

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stylestalker said...

fab dress & what a great place to take photos!

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