Sunday, August 31

Photography Q&A

Recently I've received some emails concerning my photography on this blog, so I'll try to answer some commonly-asked questions in this post. What a great way to make a filler post, too!

1. Who takes all the photos on your blog?

Me! Well, 95% of the time. If I decide to utilize a friend's photographic abilities instead, I will always credit them at the end of that post. So if my post doesn't mention the photographer, then it's just me and my tripod.

2. What equipment do you use?
My camera is the Canon 450D I received for my birthday present. It's really quite a terrific entry-level DSLR with the ability to take some great shots. Lens is the EFS 17-85mm that came with the body in the enthusiast kit, but I am looking to upgrade pretty soon. Oh, and my crappy plastic-y tripod, of course!

3. Do you edit your photos? If so, what program do you use?

As much as I'd love to say that all my shots look immediately perfect, I do actually do a little bit of fixing up. Preferred programs are either Picasa or Photoshop CS3, depending on how much time I have and how lazy/uninspired I feel.

4. How come your photos are relatively small in size?

My original photos are over 12 megapixels and humungous! But I always cut them down, for ease of uploading. Plus, I know how frustrating it can be when you want to look at some pretty pictures and it takes ten damn minutes to load. For example, as much as I enjoy Rumi of Fashiontoast's style, her insanely large photos prevent me from visiting her blog too often. And if one requires detail, click to enlarge. I usually include close-ups anyway.

5. So you only take pictures of very narcissistic!

I also take pictures Nah, in real life I actually enjoy photography on all levels, some photos are obviously inappropriate given the stylistic nature of the blog so I try to exclude them. However, I am quite keen to share my photos, so maybe a flickr account is in the works! As always: click to enlarge!

And finally, 6. How do you take photos of yourself outside without looking like a total idiot?

I don't. Trust me. I've had many a funny looks from businessmen and many a schoolboy attempting to steal my tripod. It's all a part of the experience, I'd like to think.

Ciao for now!

(Currently listening to: The Shins - Australia)


Anonymous said...

Ooh that's a sweet looking camera. I'm tired of using my dad's semi-crap one, but I don't want a super sophisticated one either (me and high tech stuff just don't mix!)

Imelda Matt said...

I was wondering what camera you use (only because I'm on the market for a new one) so this wasn't filler! Good point on reducing images for web, I came across hundreds of blogs that are so slow to load that I just click out. Another tip is save them as web ready in Photoshop, it drastically reduces the size without losing any quality.

Jackie said...

I love australia by the shins. Wonderful song.

I absolutely love those photos you took, especially the last one. It's so fascinating.

Also, I never take photos in public... Usually I'll take them in my home or out on the deck... where hopefully no one is staring at me and questioning what I'm doing.

I love your blog!

(btw, I'm sorry I just switched back and forth between topics...)

Ben said...

The other photos are really good. Not bad, miss WJ.

Where was the first one (with the lights) taken?

WJ said...

Miss Karen - I'm hopeless with all things high-tech. But that's the joy of it...still discovering new functions months after purchasing.

Imelda - Yeah webready in both photoshop and picasa are a great help, sometimes I get really tempted to just upload a massive photo...

Jackie - thank you Jackie, you like my music, photos and clothes, that's too awesome! Your blog is lovely too, glad to see you are venturing into outfit photos!

Ben - ahh thank you, the first photo was taken in the little walkway between my place and Garden City.

Ben said...

Oh, so you live near Garden City?

*wink wink*

Jack Kenway said...

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